Summer Wedding Season Survival Guide

July 12, 2018

Like the average 20 or 30 something year old, your fridge is probably plastered with enough Save-the-Dates and wedding invitations to keep your social calendar on lock-down until well into the fall. Though you are stoked to celebrate your loved one’s milestones, truth is that wearing formal wear during 90 degrees days is not an easy, nor comfortable task.


We have all been there, tissue in hand as we fight against our melting makeup trying to figure out how to make it through the long reception while avoiding a heat stroke. Not to mention that the anxiety during the days leading to this event - attempting to determine the right thing to wear and selecting a hairstyle that will withstand the humidity - will literally make you flare up in heat rashes… well, exaggeration or pure reality, truth is that as a summer wedding veteran and Style Expert, I want to share the survival guide that has gotten me through this season year-after-year all in once-piece and frizz free.


1 - Day Time Floral


Yes, as Miranda Priestly once said, florals are not exactly groundbreaking but certainly are the most practical solution to incorporate into any warm weather attire – specially for day time events. Feminine and ever timeless, a flowy floral dress perfectly lends itself for these romantic celebrations and will keep you comfortable from day-to-night. To accessorize, make sure to select a color within the pattern and make sure your jewelry and bag follow this one color theme.


Photo credit: Fran Beltran for Styled by Penelope


2 - Keep your makeup in place


Starting from head-to-toe, make sure that you don’t end the night with raccoon eyes and melted foundation by securing your beauty look in place by priming your face with a product that will provide your skin with enough moisture to avoid foundation creasing like Farsali’s water-base Unicorn Essence serum. Complete your look spraying a generous amont of setting spray, and if possible, bring a travel size bottle with you to gently refresh yourself in-between bathroom breaks.


 Photo from Farsali


3 - Flaunt Your pedicure with open shoes


Maintain your toes in good shape with a good pedicure and avoid close shoes at all cost! Whether a myth or truth, for most of us our feet have a big impact on our body temperature and according to Natalie Dautovitch, a spokesperson for the National Sleep Foundation and a psychology professor at the University of Alabama, the skin surfaces of both our hands and feet are unique in that they’re hairless and because they contain specialized vascular structures that help with heat loss. So, keeping your feet open and cool will help you regulate the temperature of your body.


Opt for a fabulous strappy pair with a comfortable heel and remember that nude tones will also help visually elongate your beautiful legs.

Photo from Steve Madden


4 - Keep your hair up


Though you may be tempted to flaunt your beautiful free-flowing locks, remember that Mother Nature might have a different plan should she shower you with her own version fairy dust, a.k.a. humidity. The good news is that the perfect updo – from a messy bun to a romantic halo braid – will not only make it easier to disguise frizz, but will also make you look extremely elegant and sophisticated.


If like me, you have very textured or curtly hair, leverage that natural volume to create an edgy style.


Photo from Abby Smith


5 - Hydrate


Last but not least, make use of that underrated H2o to stay hydrated during the event. Toast to the bride and groom but keep in mind that alcohol dehydrates your body making it easier to feel hotter and more bothered than you otherwise would. Make sure to drink a glass of water between drinks to maintain a reasonable hydration level, and as a bonus, extend your sobriety for the night and ease the hangover!


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