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July 17, 2017

As I prepared for one of the many vacations and trip I took last year (not complaining), I embarked on the search for a skirt or dress that could provide the perfect balance between a tropical vacation feel, and dressy enough to wear during a romantic dinner with the boyfriend. I would’ve said a fun night out in the town, but truth is that, these days bed time is quite early even when I am on vacation. Matter fact, the entire purpose of my trips has completely shifted from partying and drinking until my liver can’t handle it, to merely seeking cultural experiences, good food and hopefully meeting interesting people.


…anyway, back to the main topic. In the process of looking for a versatile piece, I stumbled upon this skirt from ASOS. The best part of it all: I snatched it for 50% off. I love a good deal!


The light ruffle touch at the bottom provided a beautiful mermaid like feel and the perfect touch of Chacha-fabulous I always inevitably fall for. Not to mention the shape perfectly suited my body type, hugging the curves in all the right places. The vibrant color immediately transported me to an island, so I swiped the card without a second thought.


Long story short, I never got a chance to wear this skirt while on vacation, so I saved it for the right occasion. I had originally intended to pair it with a white off-shoulder top I purchased a while back, but again, I missed the mark. So, when I finally wore it, I matched it with this white and orange stripped blouse (yes, you guessed it, it’s from Zara), providing the perfect pop of color in the middle of the characteristic cold hues of New York City.


As I mentioned above, I purchased this skirt last spring, so I won’t even bother trying to share a link to where to find the exact same item, but in case you’re interested, I found a similar one HERE.        


Photography credit: Fran Beltran









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