Give popular trends a personal touch

July 15, 2017

Not going to lie, when I first started to notice the comeback of the corset belt, all I could think about was Kylie Jenner and her legion of not so coincidental lookalikes. As I often do with many trends, I immediately axed it out my book and labeled it as “not for me, not my style.”


As time keeps going by, this trend doesn’t seem to be losing any steam, but is rather aggressively heading towards the fall. So, since la moda no incomoda, I decided to give this now popular accessory a try. However, in complete refusal to look like the long lost brown Kardashian cousin from the Dominican Republic, I ditched the sexy t-shirt dress and knee-high boots, and rather opted for a long-tailored blouse and clear booties.


To my surprise, not only I ended up really liking this style, but I also managed to still feel and look like myself. After all, who doesn’t like a snatched waistline? 😉


Moral of the story: the “F” in fashion stands for fun. Dare to push yourself out of the boundaries within your comfort zone and experiment with styles and trends you normally wouldn’t entertain. Keep in mind that authenticity is key, for which you should NEVER compromise your style. Identify what are those key elements that define your style and lead with those when trying new trends and items that you otherwise would opt out. Follow this easy rule and you will always provide any garment with a personal touch that will make you feel like YOU regardless of the trend. In my case, I always resolve to basic, clean and effortless.


Photography credit: Fran Beltran








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